Unlike many of the other Handyman Services out there, Martin believes in honesty, value and commitment.  In line with these values, Martin is transparent with all customers when it pertains to project costs and payment terms.  Martin works with each customer to ensure they know where the costs are coming from and how they are derived.

Martin believes that the 'time + materials' method works well to deliver fair and reasonable costs to the customer.  In most cases, customers will purchase new products which need to be installed (for example, a new microwave or new landscaping rock).  Any extra materials needed for each job will be purchased by Martin and actual costs will be billed to the customer accordingly.  The costs of the extra materials vary by job, and Martin will inform the customer of these expected costs before the job starts.

As for time/labor charges, Martin charges $75/hour (1 hour minimum).  Have Martin work on various small projects around the house ('honey-do list').  For example, a customer may want Martin to work for 3 hours (3 x $75 = $225) to complete various tasks like hanging pictures/tile rods, moving furniture, tightening door knobs, small landscaping projects, etc).  Martin will coordinate with the customer before-hand to ensure he brings all the right tools for the types of jobs planned.  Please know that Martin works quickly while providing top notch workmanship.

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