Martin the Handyman
Martin the Handyman

Martin's Story

Martin has traveled or lived in the majority of the continental United States.  Along the way he has rented and owned several properties, each of which he improved.  Whether it’s interior remodeling or exterior maintenance, his skill set covers a wide range of homeowner needs.

Over the years, Martin helped others with their home improvement needs as side projects to his full time IT Software Consulting practice.  With many home improvement projects under his belt, Martin learned the instrumental 'tips and tricks' of the trade as well as what is needed to be a business owner and operator.

So, after years of being a consulting 'road warrior', Martin decided to start a local, dedicated Handyman Services business to keep his passion for home improvement alive, as well as serve his local community when it comes to their home improvement needs.

To every handyman services engagement, Martin brings the professionalism, attention to detail, and accountability that earned him success in the corporate world.

Simply, Martin cares for your home the same way he cares for his and engages in the same professional manner he looks for from others.

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